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What COVID-19 Taught Us About Credit Union Business Continuity Plans

Over the past several decades, as formalized business continuity plans (BCPs) achieved ubiquity in the credit union industry, financial cooperatives around the world have had several opportunities to put their preparations to the test. From core outages to hurricanes, each disaster after the next helped governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) leaders finetune their BCPs for the next inevitable curveball. In our latest whitepaper, What COVID-19 Taught Us About Credit Union Business Continuity Plans, we discuss what credit unions have learned from the global pandemic and five areas of opportunity to enhance a BCP. Click here to download the whitepaper.

Bridging the Talent Gap in Credit Union Compliance

Hiring and retaining skilled compliance professionals is difficult for any credit union. Coupled with the ever-changing regulatory environment, credit unions are left to deal with a talent gap in their compliance department. In our newest whitepaper, we discuss the compliance talent gap and how credit unions are moving forward. Download the whitepaper here.

Case Study: Credit Union Compliance: Managing the Juggling Act

Managing compliance is complicated for any credit union. In this case study, we review how Stanford Federal Credit Union uses ComplySight to comply with the increasingly complicated nature of credit union compliance and the various areas where the application helps them move forward with important projects. Read the case study.

Managing Compliance Like an Expert

Tremendous growth and profitability are often accompanied by challenges. Such was the case for the $116 million Towpath Credit Union, an Ohio cooperative experiencing unprecedented demand for its loan products. As the lending program grew, so too did the credit union’s need for a proactive and comprehensive regulatory compliance strategy—one that would cover each of the credit union’s product and service lines. Towpath and its compliance partner, PolicyWorks, share the story of the credit union’s journey. Download the whitepaper.

Pull Together for Creative, Compliant Marketing

You’d be hard-pressed to find a credit union marketer or compliance officer not overwhelmed by the nuances of today’s advertising regulations. With every regulation, product, and channel comes a new set of rules. Complicating matters is the emergence of new marketing methods and technologies rule-makers haven’t even contemplated. What this calls for is an all-hands-on-deck approach to planning and executing marketing campaigns. Download the whitepaper.