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Regulatory Compliance Training

Today’s regulations are complex, making it tough for credit unions to keep up. Your staff needs to understand those compliance regulations that impact your business – whether they are marketing regulations, mortgage lending rules, or credit card regulations.

Empower and educate your staff with PolicyWorks training. We read the footnotes and fine print and are familiar with the mistakes credit unions commonly make. We can teach you to recognize potential problems and resolve concerns before they become compliance violations.

Customized training sessions are available for your staff and board on all areas of compliance, including hot topics and recent changes.

Training topics include all areas of compliance, such as:

  • CFPB and Fed Alphabet Regulations
  • BSA and OFAC Compliance
  • CFPB and NCUA Updates
  • Consumer Lending
  • Fair Lending
  • Identity Theft Red Flags
  • Marketing Compliance
  • Mortgage Lending Compliance

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