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PolicyWorks, a national leader of credit union compliance solutions, has announced that Cindy Williams and Mike Tanner have joined the company.

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Is your credit union compliance staff approaching your compliance efforts robotically? If so, the time is ripe to return to the compliance basics. Read more


Is your credit union's compliance officer often left feeling like a third wheel? These considerations will help you see your compliance strategist as the leader she is. Read more


CUs face myriad compliance challenges, from mortgage rules to ‘UDAAP.’ Read more


At Iowa-based consultancy PolicyWorks, CEO Justin Hupfer says progressive FOM regulations within the bounds of the Federal Credit Union Act are important. He says credit unions should take the opportunity to advise the NCUA of changes in that area that would allow them to better serve consumers in their community. Read more


Credit union gets creative to develop in-house regulatory compliance expertise. Read more


With 2015 right around the corner, many of us are thinking of resolutions for the New Year. While it is a great idea in theory, there are times when we set goals that are impractical to reach. Read more


As credit unions use multiple channels to promote their offerings, staying compliant is getting more complicated, says Jennifer Anderson-Kapke, compliance attorney at PolicyWorks, LLC, sister company to CUES Supplier member The Members Group, Des Moines. Read more


Despite the added burden, don’t wait around to deal with TILA/RESPA changes... Erin O’Hern, regulatory counsel with PolicyWorks in Des Moines, IA has several recommendations. Read more


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed rules for prepaid will likely put a stop to tying the cards to overdrafts, and are only the bureau’s first volley against overdrafts, according to several analysts. Read more


Credit union gets creative to develop in-house regulatory compliance expertise. Read more


It’s that time of the year when industry veterans and Washington insiders start to predict what action the next Congress may take that could impact credit unions. Given the relative inactivity of Congress over the past twelve months, we may be wise to be cautious if we’re predicting much of a change from the status quo. Read more


Due in large part to the advocacy efforts of credit union supporters, 25 out of 29 pro-credit union Senate candidates were victorious on Tuesday. Read more


BSA compliance starts with well-trained staff. Read more


Regulator moves give compliance pros a mixed view of what's happening and what's to come. Read more


The proposed rule provides some reduced impact on credit unions, but by and large, it will nonetheless increase the compliance burden. Read more


Regulators have today’s credit card advertisements under an intense magnifying glass. As evidence of the increased attention on credit cards, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently issued a bulletin on the marketing of credit card promotional APR offers. Read more


Thinking about 2015 yet? It’ll be here soon, along with new mortgage regs from the CFPB, perhaps risk-based capital changes from the NCUA, and now new “know your customer” requirements courtesy of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and the Bank Secrecy Act. Read more


Finding the necessary resources to address proposed rules in this regulatory environment can be a challenge, especially as credit unions are already weighed down with implementing final rules. However, the significant impact that the proposed rules could have on the long-term growth and direction of the credit union does not allow them to be ignored. Trade associations can help your voice be heard and ease the burden imposed on credit unions. Read more


The program calls for FFIEC members–the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve Board, the FDIC, the CFPB and the NCUA–to include cybersecurity issues in regularly scheduled exams at more than 500 community institutions, including credit unions. Read more

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