The CFPB recently issued an Advisory regarding elder financial exploitation titled “Advisory for financial institutions on preventing and responding to elder financial exploitation”. Read more


If you are like me, you might be in a semi-constant state of anxiety wondering when the next compliance shoe is going to drop and where it will come from. It’s bound to happen sometime, right? Read more


In compliance, sometimes things are black and white (for example, the requirement to provide an adverse action notice within 30 days is found in 1002.9(a)(1)(i)). Other times they’re grey. And the grey areas can be where you’ll find some of your greatest potential risks. Read more


Last month the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was kind enough to issue some clarifying guidance on complying with the Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID) relative to construction loans. While many in the industry found the guidance lacking in substance, at least it’s something. Let’s take a moment to review the key points: Read more


Today’s credit union marketers are facing pressure to adapt to ever-changing marketing methods and technologies. The frequent roll out of complex regulations across product lines is only complicating matters for an area of the credit union that sometimes operates in isolation. Read more


Now that the Super Bowl is over (congrats, Broncos!), the normal flow of the universe is to direct our attention to spring training. And that got me thinking…spring training…training…compliance… compliance training! (Hey, it’s how a compliance geek’s mind works – you know what I’m talking about!) Read more


I’ve had some great conversations with credit unions this week regarding their consideration to hire knowledgeable compliance staff, or to outsource many compliance functions to third party experts. Either option could be an appropriate choice depending upon the credit union. Read more


For the first time in eight years, the Federal Reserve made the decision to increase the Fed funding rate at the end of 2015. With so much time between rate changes, the event likely triggered a great deal of questions from lending staff who had never dealt with the like. Read more


Later this year, the Department of Defense’s revisions to the Military Lending Act (“MLA”) will take effect. As we get closer to the effective date of October 3rd be sure to stay tuned to The Works Blog. We’ll be going into much more detail about what these changes will mean for your credit union. However, due to an impending deadline related to MLA compliance we need to take a moment to touch on it now. Read more


Brian Godwin shares his personal experience of building a compliance program from the ground up how he cultivated a compliance culture. Read more


Planning to grow in 2016? Is marketing a key driver in that growth? Given the obvious visibility of effective marketing, it is important to ensure that materials are compliant. Read more


The buck stops with you. Credit unions citing vendor-related hurdles to compliance have heard this from regulators for years. Yet, that sentiment may be changing. Read more


Small financial institutions have as much obligation to enact anti-money laundering (AML) programs as other financial institutions, though they face different challenges.

Cindy Williams, vice president of regulatory compliance at PolicyWorks, gives compliance tips and tricks for small credit unions Monday during a presentation at the CUNA/National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) conference. Read more


Do you ever feel like compliance training is constantly on your mind? If you answered yes, you may actually be doing it wrong. Read more


Well, the dreaded “October 3” date has passed and we are all still here, our doors are open, and members are conducting business as usual as if nothing momentous such as, oh I don’t know, maybe a major shake-up in mortgage origination happened. Whew! Read more


Choosing the right Cloud provider might sound like the realm of IT, but it often falls upon the credit union compliance officer. Either way, compliance will be part of the process. What risks should your CU be considering before signing a cloud contract? Read on to find out. Read more


Fine-tooth comb compliance strategies are becoming more common across the credit union movement – and for good reason. Today’s regulatory environment accepts nothing less than great attention to detail from staff across all departments. Credit union marketers and branch managers, for instance, are challenged to ensure even their signage is up to regulatory snuff. Read more


The following checklist is designed to get you thinking about key issues to consider when developing your own website compliance checklist. Read more


Regulators add hundreds of credit unions to the ranks of the regulatory relieved, but the impact remains to be seen.
Read more


PolicyWorks' parent company, Affiliates Management Company (AMC), has been selected as one of the top places to work in the state of Iowa for the second year in a row based on employee survey results. Read more

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