Miriam De Dios Woodward Named CEO of PolicyWorks, LLC


(Des Moines, Iowa) – Affiliates Management Company (AMC), parent company of PolicyWorks, LLC, and holding company for the Iowa Credit Union League (ICUL), today announced Miriam De Dios Woodward will become the new CEO of PolicyWorks, LLC.

De Dios Woodward has been with the AMC family of companies since 2007, and most recently served as CEO of Coopera, a Hispanic market solutions company and sister-company to PolicyWorks. Under her leadership since 2012, Coopera has served more than 1 million Hispanic consumers, worked with more than 200 credit unions, league and industry partners, and has expanded services to more than 30 states. Additionally, she has become a thought leader in the credit union and broader financial services movement, speaking across the country on the importance of outreach to untapped markets.

De Dios Woodward has a history of experience in the financial services arena, having worked for State Farm Insurance Companies and John Deere Financial prior to Coopera. Taking the lead on exploration at AMC, Miriam has developed a passion for reinvention, growth and diversification. She also recently completed her MBA through the University of Iowa.

“Miriam’s background, diverse professional expertise and entrepreneurial drive make her the perfect choice to lead PolicyWorks,” said Murray Williams, CEO of AMC and ICUL. “She is a rising star in the credit union movement and we are fortunate to have Miriam lead this vital company. PolicyWorks is primed for exponential grow and we have great confidence in Miriam’s abilities to lead our talented staff toward future exploration and product differentiation.”

PolicyWorks was formed in 2006 to help credit unions manage and respond to the ever-changing regulatory environment. The company is owned by AMC, the California and Nevada Credit Union League, and the Ohio Credit Union League. Their team of specialists, which includes attorneys, former examiners and financial institution professionals, deliver a comprehensive menu of compliance, audit and risk services for credit unions. PolicyWorks works with more than 1,200 credit unions across the country. De Dios Woodward is succeeding interim CEO Brian Godwin, who will take on a new leadership role within PolicyWorks following the transition.

“I’m excited for the future of PolicyWorks and the expertise we can provide to our clients,” said De Dios Woodward. “The need for our services continues to grow. We have an immense opportunity to continue offering exceptional compliance, audit and risk services to credit unions across the country. The potential to grow this business through new strategies and products is energizing. I am fortunate to work with a dedicated and mission-driven organization at AMC, and am looking forward to seeing the impact PolicyWorks can continue to make on the services being provided to credit unions across the country.”