Idaho Credit Union League Chooses PolicyWorks to Assist Member Credit Unions with Compliance

Idaho Credit Union League Chooses PolicyWorks to Assist Member Credit Unions with Compliance


The Idaho Credit Union League today announced its partnership with credit union compliance firm PolicyWorks to help its member credit unions stay on top of regulatory requirements and answer individual compliance questions.

Through this partnership, Idaho Credit Union League member credit unions have access to the Policyworks’ compliance hotline, which provides email and telephone access to Policyworks’ regulatory team for answers to compliance questions. As well, member credit unions will have access to up-to-the-minute compliance news and information.

“Credit unions continue to look to their leagues to assist with the challenges posed by today’s compliance environment.  We are excited to partner with the Idaho Credit Union League to provide their members with dues-supported compliance services delivered by our team of compliance professionals,” said PolicyWorks CEO Justin Hupfer. “We will deliver Idaho Credit Union League members high touch compliance expertise in a manner that aligns with the League’s goals.”

Idaho Credit Union League CEO Kathy Thomson said, “We were contemplating how to best deliver the needed compliance services for Idaho credit unions into the future. I became aware that PolicyWorks has partnerships with other Leagues to deliver compliance services for their members, including phone and email support. After exploring our options, I believe this partnership is the best fit for delivering the highest compliance value to our member credit unions.”

In addition to the PolicyWorks compliance hotline, the Idaho Credit Union League was drawn to the ready access of a wide variety of user-friendly tools for their member credit unions, such as:

• Monthly e-newsletter detailing compliance trends and issues
• Compliance bulletins summarizing final regulations
• Monthly FAQs on hot compliance topics
• Compliance training