GRC Management

At PolicyWorks, we understand the challenge credit unions face in meeting governance, risk and compliance (GRC) demands and the staff time it takes. That’s why we do our best to create risk and compliance solutions combining the latest in technology with our staff of experienced compliance and technology professionals.


Manage your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs in one system with ViClarity. This full-service and customizable platform allows organizations to identify, monitor and report on GRC-related issues. With ViClarity, you can automate current manual processes, analyze data with interactive expert reporting and visualize compliance issues in real-time. The platform is perfect for collaborating and assigning tasks across the organization and storing company policies and documentation.

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Regulations are updated with increasing frequency, making it hard for credit unions to quickly adjust their policies to stay in compliance. To help with this challenge, PolicyWorks has developed PolicyAid, a comprehensive, online policy library that provides credit unions easy access to nearly 100 policies.  PolicyAid’s library is filled with sample policies that are updated on a quarterly basis to reflect new or amended regulations. You’ll receive notification when updates are made, and can download policies to adapt to your credit union’s operations. 

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Manage your compliance program with ComplySight, and get the ease of technology with the high-touch service of experienced professionals. ComplySight is a web-based management and tracking tool that allows you to monitor compliance from a centralized resource.  With ComplySight, your credit union has a universal, one-stop compliance tool that provides visibility, tracking and reporting for compliance activities as well as auto-generated rule change notifications. ComplySight allows credit unions to address compliance initiatives through a single application, making it an essential tool to maintaining compliance. Four packages are available to suit your business needs, varying from basic to robust support.

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