Articles by Jeremy Smith

Were lending decisions during the early days of COVID-19 in alignment with your credit union’s risk appetite and examiner expectations? As your credit union performs a self-exam of lending decisions, consider these tips in our latest blog. Read more »


The onset of a global pandemic proves just how critical the 2020 NCUA Supervisory Priorities are to a credit union’s operations. Read more »


We continue to hear from credit union leaders that a chief concern among their members is the health and well-being of the credit union people who serve them. Several cooperatives have reported a large number of calls from members asking how employees are being accommodated and protected during the COVID-19 crisis. This is just one of several ways our industry’s “We’re in this together” spirit has manifest over the last few weeks; it’s been incredibly uplifting to experience in the face of so much turmoil. Read more »


There’s no sugar coating the fact that things are about to get real for credit union lenders. As an untold number of members ask their credit unions to follow through on CARES Act promises, lending teams are likely to be stretched thin as they work out an entirely new set of muscles. Read more »


Business Continuity Plans must be specific, tested and continuously updated. Read more »


The NCUA has made no bones about how important consumer financial protection regs will be to its examiners this year. In fact, the agency is requiring its exam team to review six specific consumer financial protection rules at all examinations when applicable to the credit union. Read more »


When it comes to the critical credit union priority of compliance, you have to do it right. With a compliance management system (CMS), you can stay on track and be sure you are remaining compliant. Read more »


Death, taxes and HMDA reporting requirements -- as the government shutdown grinds on, few things remain as constant as these three absolutes. Read more »

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