Keeping Your Website Compliant

Keeping Your Website Compliant


Your website is front and center when it comes to your credit union’s communication with prospective and current members. That prominence and visibility make it critical that everything on your site is accurate and compliant.

Two credit unions had compliance top-of-mind when they requested that PolicyWorks perform Website Compliance Reviews on their new websites. They wanted to make sure that updated content and improved online experience for members continued to follow compliance guidelines.

The two institutions were Deere Employees Credit Union in Illinois and Penn East Federal Credit Union in Pennsylvania.

For Deere Employees, with 41,000 members and $1.1 billion in assets, the Website Compliance Reviews were another step in a continuing relationship with us. That relationship has grown as the credit union has seen the need for a broad and inclusive approach to compliance. We performed our first review with them last year, then repeated the process for their new website.

Cheryl Frame is Assistant Vice President of Marketing for Deere Employees. She explains that “We wanted to make sure we were doing everything in an acceptable manner.” She also adds that with the website reviews and other services PolicyWorks provides, “We have especially appreciated that when we have staff changes, it helps us to be sure that nothing gets dropped. PolicyWorks provides the clarity we need.”

Penn East, with 22,000 members and $175 million in assets, brought PolicyWorks in specifically to review the credit union’s new website. That website was in the works for several months, and since responsibility for compliance at the credit union spans a number of departments, the credit union wanted to be absolutely sure it was compliant.

Penn East initially worked with an auditor to review the website, and it was that auditor who guided them to PolicyWorks, explains Katelyn McManamon, AVP of Marketing.

“Since we don’t really have a compliance person in-house, there are some things that we just never would have caught,” she explains. “Having the experts at PolicyWorks review it has helped us tremendously. They were helpful every step of the way.”

As online member interaction continues to grow, credit unions need to make sure member and prospective members are having positive experiences. Current and new websites should always be accurate and compliant.

That’s why PolicyWorks’ Website Compliance Reviews are designed to ensure compliance with a wide range of laws and regulations, for credit unions of all sizes. We analyze sites for advertising compliance with NCUA rules, Truth in Lending and Truth in Savings regulations, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, as well as other key laws and regulations.

Read the full case study, A Virtual Front Door: Keeping Your Website Compliant.

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